Thomas Dorfer

There’s a reason Thomas Dorfer is known as “Austria’s answer to Andreas Caminada.” Just as charming as they are talented, both of them – who actually share a close, personal friendship – stem from the same generation of young chefs who are known for courageously going off the beaten path to make their own way.

The relaxed, innovative way the chef, who was born in 1975, works in the kitchen is most likely due to the fact that he didn’t grow up in a restaurant setting. His father was a trained pastry chef and railway official, his mother a housewife – and yet Austrian cuisine always played an important role in his childhood home.

Today, his provocative motto is “a contemporary, creative cuisine, perfectly prepared with the best products, is modern enough.”

After his culinary training, the native of Carinthia earned his stripes competing in cooking competitions and perfected his culinary skills during stints at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants from Australia to St. Moritz.

At the “Bocuse d’Or” in 2005, his sixth-place finish garnered him international attention.

Today, critics and connoisseurs describe his style as “unmistakably original,” and eagerly follow his career by making regular visits to Landhaus Bacher.