You can buy culinary joy! Purchase handmade treats produced under the watchful eye of Lisl Wagner-Bacher and take a small piece of Landhaus Bacher home with you.

Although there is no substitute for a personal visit, our fruit jams, sauces, and liqueurs are guaranteed to bring back good memories and help you pass the time until your next visit.

Jams from the best apricots in the world

Lisl Wagner-Bacher perfectly captures the multifaceted flavor of Wachau apricots in her fruit jam, which is only produced in small quantities.
A la Carte magazine described the winner of its apricot jam test as follows:
“The ideal apricot jam – everyone has their own idea of just what that is, and yet everyone will recognize it in this apricot jam from Lisl Wagner-Bacher.”
You can look forward to perfectly ripe, extremely clear and concentrated fruit which doesn’t taste overcooked. Its consistency conjures up images of the ripe, juicy fruit freshly harvested off the tree. And the slight hint of acidity gives this heavenly marmalade a little more pizazz.
Besides apricot, we also offer currant, strawberry, and raspberry jam.

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Produced from select mustard seeds and bottled exclusively for the Landhaus. Take a small piece of the Landhaus home with this mustard, which is seasoned to perfection and goes great with any meat dish.

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Flavorful sauces which you can use at home to spice up any meal. Produced and seasoned to perfection by Lisl Wagner-Bacher personally. Available for beef, lamb, game, or fish.

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A meal at Landhaus Bacher would not be complete without a glass of liqueur to top it off. Now you can enjoy this treat at home as well. Our liqueur is produced from the best apricots in the world. It has a rich flavor yet still goes down smooth.
Similar to our traditional apricot liqueur, we only use the finest ingredients from Wachau in our nut liqueur, which is prepared using nuts right from our own garden.

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